Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Toni's Year of Travel : 2003 encapsulated

Dear Friends and Family,
Yesterday, I was playing Travel with Ari.
I said, “let’s go visit gramma.” I put Ari’s backpack on him, filled it with Tarzan figurines, and headed for the door.

“How do you plan on getting there, young lady?” mommy asked.
“With a plane and a boat, I said, then added, “ and a car.”
“Choochoo train!” Ari screamed.
So I thought I could give you a summary of what our year looked like:

We go to the beach a lot in Kailua, where we live in a highrise apartment

Gramma and Grampa visit us in Kailua. We can walk to their apartment and they
take us around in our double stroller. Ari almost gets circumcised but talks
mommy and daddy out of it.

Everything mommy can’t sell on Ebay, she packs into the Volvo and leaves it in a
garage, then we take a plane to see Gramma and Grampa again. Then we are on
another plane to see Oma and Opa again.

We take the train down to Bad Gastein Austria, where Oma and Opa take us for
walks around the Alps and where we can throw things off their balcony. It’s a
lot of fun to stay in an apartment with no electricity, and I help mom light and
blow out the candles every night.

Mommy gets ripped off on Ebay, I see her tearing her hair out on the computer.
We take a car down to our boat in France, then take another train up to Hamburg.
I like the train better than the car.

Take a plane to Santa Fe New Mexico, Where Mommy read Aristotle and other stuff
without pictures. We got to watch lots of Cinderella, eat lots of ice cream, and
go to the children’s museum with gramma and grampa.

Still in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Some nights, gramma puts us to bed. Mommy doesn’t
know how to do that. We get to see an Indian feast, play in the swimming pool,
and watch gramma and gramma schwitz.

Mommy wears a funny cap and gown. We celebrate my fourth birthday with piñata,
pin the tail on the donkey, and lots of friends. Take a plane to Germany in time
for a second birthday party.

Take a train to the Lüneburger Heide, where I get to play with kittycats and Ari
gets to play with a cool train set. Then we take a train down to South of France
and help daddy to Make the boat.

We drive to St. Tropez to look at Sarah Darling’s pretty Galapagos animal
pictures. Ari can’t talk them out of it this time, and we take him to the
clinic. His peepee hurts for awhile, so we don’t take any trains or planes for a
few weeks.

I go to a French school called “La Maternelle.” I learn to say “Stop that!” and

“Sit down!” in French.  Ari goes to his own school called “the Little Chickies.”
Sometimes I go there with him, and I like it there better.

We take a train back up to Oma and Opa’s to celebrate Channukah and Christmas.
Daddy escapes from a bad guy in Port Napoleon with our boat, which he sails to
Port Barcares,
the Spanish border. We
can see snow on the Pyrenees from our
deck. Next
year, we’ll be sailing a whole lot more, we


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