Thursday, October 07, 2004

Kids, Graciosa, Canary Islands!

I haven't attempted to write an update with embedded pictures for quite
sometime now and I think it is time for me to face the fears.  Otherwise
these pics will become old and moldy and I will have no desire to change

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My major fears have been assuaged... there are TONS of cruising kids! 
It's a whole subset of the cruising world here in Graciosa.  The week looks
like this for toni and Ari: mornings are at Collegio, where they play with
Spanish speaking kids (except their buddy Tano, who speaks English.)  THen
they come home and play with the cruising kids, who ever happens to be around...
Australian, New Zealanders, English, French, German... you name it! 

Adam has arrived!  The boy at the top of our climbing ladder was Toni's
first real cruising friend.  They met in Gibraltar and his boat finally
arrived yesterday.  The other two kids are Nia, an English girl, and of
course Tano in the baseball cap.

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This last weekend a swimming race from La Graciosa took place and the swimmers
raced by Pangaea, so I thought we'd let you know what 300 yellow caps look like
bobbing around a harbor.

Hannah, a lovely young woman off the sailboat Ripple, spent hours playing with
Toni and Ari, drawing, reading and going to the beach.  We will miss her,
since she flew back to England to make some money and continue her life journey. 
She basically grew up as a liveaboard kid.

Cruiser party on the beach. 

Toni's wind-propulsioned housing project.


Liliian, next to Ari, grew up in the Bahamas, and the other two girls,
Marilou and Eliza, are French.


This is how the kids go to school...

And these show how tired Ari gets from school!


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