Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What a journey.
I've been spared.
Whether I believe in a guardian angel or not doesn't matter: an angel saved me from death.
My naivity would have killed me.
We bought a condo and I was in the attic.
The previous owner had left lots of stuff in the attic and I was getting the stuff out.
No one,
no one,
no one has ever told me:
you can't just walk anywhere in an attic.
One minute I was hovered over a box, the next second the floor/ceiling caved in under my weight and I was face down on the living room floor. All the weight taken by my jaw.
I've smashed four or more molars, we won't know for a month because my jaw was fractured in 2 places and needed to be wired shut.

I hadn't been 48 hours back from my fantastc three week trip to Austria.

I didn't mention the 8 stitches to my chin and that my front tooth went through my lower lip, bending it in so much as likely to need root canal.

I am in a peacful painful place. Gratitutde is pouring from every cell as I heal.
I love life with a deep intensity and greatfulness.
Love has flowed from every crevice of this great earth to help me heal.
I feel so much luck.
If I had fallen any other way on my head, you wouldn't want to know what state I would be in. Today, Facebook is Mine. It's my Face. It's my life. I could cry my beautiful 5 year old daughter to sleep in my arms in the kitchen tonight. I could make love to my incredible husband. Yes, I recommend everyone break their jaw if that's what it takes to feel this...