Monday, January 24, 2011

letter I received from an old copain

Since I'm on FB, I've wanted to share a letter I received from an old boyfriend to whom I sent one of my good ol' newsletters:
Paris September 6, 1986
Erika, I'm sorry, but I'm very disappointed by this letter-writing system: I don't like being taken "en masse," with a letter which does not reflect a relationship between TWO PEOPLE.
I understand that this is an American methode, but I truly disapprove! (especially type-written)
How could you send a letter to several people, even though each person is so different in their complicity and in personality.
I send you kisses nonetheless, but I will only respond again if you write to me like a human being and non like a number. Kiss on the cheek, Laurent

So: here's my personal message to you, Laurent: Have we come a long way, baby?