Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Blame the half a cup of coffee. Blame the hard work that has paid off thus far.
 I had an epiphany.
We have three kids ages 13 11 and 7. We have a 50 foot aluminum sloop.
We have investments which will, if we work hard for another XX amount of months and organize well, will allow for cash flow. Where am I getting? I smell a cruise on the horizon. I say 2 maybe three years max. All three kids, Achim and I back Out There. It was meant to be.
You can take the technomad and make her stationary for awhile, but the techno will sooner or later turn her mad until the NO-mad rears her head again. Everything will be Different, of course. It's a different world, politically, technologically, economically... and my family is different, too. Bigger, for one thing. One main difference is, when you have something to conserve, one does become more.. conservative. I have no need for complete open endedness.
I may even create a "schedule" or itinerary, complete with a date for completion.
 Always thought that sounded sucky.
Now it gives the cruise a kind of segmented quality that allows for the specialness of the lifestyle to come to the forefront, since you know it's temporary. I'm thinking one year. We likely won't visit the natives or do anything too insane like a northwest passage. But I will get my kids off the traditional grid and have us living in close quarters experiencing that lifestyle together, and they can either reject it or embrace it. I guess I wanted to let you know that the seed was planted and I'm going to integrate that seed into my next year's plannings.
 My kids are in a special full time gifted school and I want to integrate the experience with their education (as if that could somehow be severed anyhow).

Love, an original Technomads (1996) Erika Ginsberg-Klemmt
don't be fooled by the pic... we haven't done much sailing together since this photo from 6/11.

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