Tuesday, January 04, 2005

The Hanging Gardens of Barbylon

Coby writes:

I am nearly growing accustomed to an anthropological phenomenon, which may be as peculiar to this vessel as certain birds to the Galapagos - an archetypical leaving of the young natives on this boat. The junior members of the tribe - the Bilge Bunnies, as they are sometimes known hereabouts -are extremely adept with ropes and knots, as might be expected given the environment. But their background in the West is undeniable, and so they apply their considerable dexterity in fashioning what seems to be an entirely new, well, it might be an art form (or perhaps it has a deeper, spiritual or religious significance), in an odd mix of media. I am reminded of the Blair Witch Trial, and the little hanging kewpies made of twigs so unnerving to the protagonists in the film. What I am specifically referring to are hanging Barbie dolls, found singly or in clusters, in various states of undress, often upside down. They may be tied to any convenient knob, pole, hatch handle or other string or line, such as the netting for the vegetables I share my space with. The knots used are sometimes slightly lacking in definition, but are surprisingly well thought out and effective, fashioned out of whichever string, cord or light rope is available to hand. Often another specie of doll or stuffed animal is tied into the group, possibly for contrast, or they may play a more significant role - we could only speculate. The occasional presence of the male Barbie is noted, although he seems to play no special role, nor assume any particular position of dominance.

You should be able to see a cropping of this hanging phenomenon next to me while I'm doing my very diligent watch...

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