Monday, January 03, 2005

we'z definitely CRUISING now!!

Our first 24 hours is behind us, bringing us just that much closer to the Other Side. In those 24 hours we were faster than the fastest day we had with our first Pangaea, and that with a reefed main.

Every move is a big deal, but I'm not as much sick as I am tired. Lying around all day can be very exhausting. I have to find a dozen ways to lie down, head smushed against the wall or feet propping up the rest of the body. The only major complaint I get from the kiddoes are the lack of dolphins. Toni takes it as a personal insult that they haven't been coming around.

I started the day way gourmet: scrambled eggs with spinach onions garlic mushrooms and Swiss cheese. Afternoon brought upon us tabouli and tonight will be chili con carne. Preparations have paid off food wise.

Coby has become more and more of an asset on board in my eyes. Not only because he's great at everything he does, whether it's boat stuff or kid stuff or hanging out stuff, but because I'm beginning to trust that he's happy to be here with me/us.

Right now I don't regret having come along, but it's still so early in the passage!

Everything is still in it's high function mode: the motor churning, this time only to make electricity. the self steering doing it's thing. the radio sending and receiving well. no major seasickness, no massive leaks or rig problems. Spotted a freighter on the horizon, otherwise we've been all alone out here with nothing but a good forecast.

One special treat I've already indulged in, part of long passages, is allowing myself to read. You know, not just recipes and google headlines, but novels. I have to interrupt them all day with bathroom visits (not just mine) and watches and food and other things, but for the first time in ages I get chunks of TIME to read. And there's been no other time in my life I allow myself to do this.

We have a large back hatch over our bed. When the waves aren't too big, like right now, daddy puts Toni and Ari sitting with their legs dangling down towards the bed, and he holds on to their waists while they gaze out on the setting sun. I think about what it was like crossing the continental US with my mom and uncle in an old Chrysler. Are we there yet, mom? Can we stop at Stuckey's mom? I gotta go to the bathroom, mom... this one's a little different. Ari insisted that I set up his choochoo train tracks, which are now encircling the foot of the salon table. We aren't exactly all sitting down for meals there, anyhow. My strategy for keeping plates from falling on the floor: the kids eat on the floor. Well, not directly, but I put their plates there and they eat like kitty cats.

Toni says: I love you everybody!

2385 miles to Tobago
26' 6" N, 21' 41" W

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