Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Triple digits is better than quads

Now we are at the distance from our goal where most of the other sailboats who were crossing were as I began to listen to the trans-atlantic radio net's. "Here's Sea-Dancer, we have 948 miles to go to Antigua..." and there we were, blocked in El Restinga by roaring winds, knowing that we had 2,600 miles ahead of us!

But now I can be grateful that we left when we did, at least so far. Not a day of dead calm or serious storm has or likely will cross our path... of course never say never, but the count down really has begun, like they do before the launch a spaceship.

But nothing happens that fast out here, of course until emergency situations occur when suddenly everything is lightning fast. Today was a particularly slow day. it was a typical day of food, radio, straightening as much as my energy level will allow, bread baking, replenishing of stores like milk, juice and flour from bilge areas to accessible areas, reading books to the kids, Watching megawaves go by. We passed through a few serious rain showers and Pangaea hasn't been this clean since we left South of France. Goodbye all that Sahara gunk, hello a tropical heat baseline which accompanies all feelings in the air now.

It's brilliant not to be seasick anymore. I want to preach to all of those whimps like me out there who says, who me? Never on a boat! And let them know, I swear swear swear your body does in fact adjust. it's not that the movement doesn't frustrate me at times (like this afternoon when my entire chocolate cake fell in my lap and down onto the floor, between the cracks of the floorboards.) Nausea is virtually a thing of the past for me now. I still am tired and prefer laying down much of the time, but the sickness in the tummy feeling is thankfully gone. And I am quite a motion sensitive person, the kind who needs to either drive or sit in the front seat in a car.

We are back on the butterfly, with the mainsail jutted out on one side and the genoa poled out on the other. For whatever reason she's moving nicely, rocking back and forth most of the time and rarely falling into the crevices of the giant Atlantic rollers. And now the kids have finally keeled over, something I should try to do. Achim and Coby have been sharing the late night watches, letting me take over in the early morning. So with that, g'night.

14 30' N
45 15' W
928 miles to go

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