Sunday, January 02, 2005

No turning back now

lt's 0245 local time and we took off about 14 hours ago or so. that's it; no turning back now. The kids have seemed to more than accept it; they finally were excited to take off. The propeller screeches when it reaches a particular RPM under our heads and the rudder sounds like it could have belonged to the tinman every time it scrapes one way or the other. Aries autopilot obediently keeps the Pangaea on her 7-8 knot course, always 1-3 knots over what the first Pangaea did.

Toni and Ari : along for the ride, suddenly uncomplicated and cuddly as they usually are the first days out.
Coby and Achim: the brave skippers, neither really able to sleep just yet, blown away by the flying through the water.
As for me, I ain't going nowhere except to roll over on one side or another or go to the bathroom. I know the weeks out here will bring me eventual comfort and immunity from the whacking around, but for right now it's a hold on nelly.

Moon sliver above, ESE blow staying above 20 knots, and fresh lentil soup with carrots and bratwurst hit the spot. I cooked enough to allow me to remain in this position for a few days.

2495 miles to Tobago. Cmon everybody, HERE WE GO!

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Unknown said...

Best wishes. Good luck!