Thursday, January 13, 2005

rocking and rolling picture show

yes we're still out here with under 1100 miles to go.
so from my standpoint I have nothing extra special to report from out here today. cooked a gourmet chicken dinner. Set up a basketball hoop in the back cabin for the kids. Baked a chocolate cake with them. Let them watch some video. Retrimmed the sails. SO instead let's go back to the days of dry land... i will assume that these pictures are visible for you.

This is pretty much what we look like from the bow right now. You are looking at our inflatable which we resurrected from the garbage in Port St. Louis. Whoever abandoned it had tried to glue it together with the wrong kind of glue; we used the right stuff and now it's like new. Most other people's trash are our treasure.

Achim says he's surprised how little time we end up actually spend playing with the kids out here. We are either busy sleeping, fixing stuff, or just conserving our energy for the tasks at hand. The kids are so busy trying to burn calories on this 50 feet of boat. I can only read so many stories or do so many arts and crafts projects with them. is this what one would call "less quality time?" I figure being around each other 24/7 is always going to have its bad sides.

Here's Toni in her first pair of heels. She wore them until the first day of sailing, when she realized there isn't much of anything practical in such shoes. On the side you see our tree; I have a better pic of it somewhere, but stupidly not already uploaded...

Coby, able to lift princesses with a single hand... really he has been so much fun to have around with the kids. Every morning he wakes up to their greeting, "poopoo bottom! poopoo bottom!" They really love him and already look forward to meeting his Margit, whom they've heard so much about.

In a little bistro in Valverde (El Hierro) the kids ordered empanadas and juice. they share just about everything.

The kids walked to school everyday in La Graciosa. I never tired of watching them run down the dock.

So tomorrow we will come under 1000 miles to go. Piece of chocolate cake...


Erika and her entourage
15 42' N
42 31' W
1092 miles to go
We have been hearing fun things about watching us move around at, look for AC6IH!
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