Wednesday, April 24, 2019

It's a big bad world out there.  Far too many distractions.  So I've decided to take refuge, for a day, a week, a month... who knows for how long?  Right here in my little Ginsblog part of the universe.  It's not that I instead couldn't be interacting with my very loved (or less loved) ones on Facebook and elsewhere.  The fact is I could probably get absorbed in that all day long. 
What do I hope to cover here?

Ginsblog: Whats going on in the here and now
Lawsuits:  they are finally heading somewhere!  Every day, describe at least one of them.
The Compassionate Landlady:  Tales from the Rugged Rental Realms
Family Ongoings: What's going on for the Ginsberg-Klemmt world
Throwback Thursday: far reaching memory day... back back back... stories from the days of yore.
Including photos and scans from the file cabinet.

Time to sleep.

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