Thursday, April 25, 2019

Part of my problem is but I don't really have any super close friends where I live. I'm grateful for Sarasota and everything that it brought to me, but somehow I haven't established any physical soulmates here. I realize that social media is a poor substitute for true intimate connection, but it's probably one of the reasons that I gravitate towards it is my feeling of aloneness here. It's not like everything that I read on Facebook or Instagram moves me personally, but often I come across an intellectual or humorous friend who informs me or lifts my spirit or suddenly makes me feel closer. When I get off the Internet, I look around me at my mess of the house the things I need to get done.

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Anonymous said...

Greetings from Sweden. Our paths crossed in the mid nineties, it was great to read about your adventures.
Since you came to visit me; at my work in Falkenberg back in -99, I have moved. Bought another yacht, again a 27’ that I this time explored some of the European waterways with. At the moment I am living with my wife in the southern highlands, a good three hours drive from the marina where I keep the yacht. Not ideal… I must confess that I have been struggling to keeping up with the basic maintenance on the yacht this last year. Not being able to travel as much as we like during the pandemic have made it hard to find the motivation…
I graduated as a high school teacher back in 06. My subjects are math and science, with a focus on special education. Currently working at small town college in Eksjö. Chris is living with his wife and daughter, along the coast just north of Falkenberg.
Hope to meet up again some day!
-Magnus Tönnesson Jansson